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Jordan Caruso knotted the game at 71 71 with 44 seconds to go and finished with 14 points for the Cardinals (6 12, 1 4). Christian Peevy led with 16, Morgan Taylor scored 15 and dished seven assists. Charles Brown, who took the last second desperation shot, scored 12 points, 1 of 6 from beyond the arc..

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Sunday work. Univer sity club, llth floor Stuart Bldg. WAITRESS wanted. And, once again, Saadiq admirably avoids nostalgia in favor of fresh grooves that allow him to pursue his own obsessions. These can range from a girl named Radio (in “Radio”) to, in “Day Dreams,” cooking up a Southern soul/country hybrid. It’s a speedy tempo number with another reviver of the past, the canny Robert Randolph, on steel guitar..

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