They’ve gone to all electric

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We also have two kids involved that she refused to sit and talk with together to let them know what was going on. From their perspective, they saw their father (me) attempting to love his family, while their mother was secretly bringing another guy into the picture. Which kind of makes sense given how my son has been acting over the last couple of months..

I switched to a Z2 Force from a X PE about 2 weeks ago. I miss moto assist with the call phrase (Z2 has “show me.” but before I say “Hey Moto X, text so and so” and it would and I can figure it out on the Z2). Plus the wave for notifications isn as sensitive.

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It’s very important to recognize that no one can be productive if they’re working on overdrive 100 percent of the time. Work is part of life and vice versa. I believe you need to learn how to manage your boundaries and learn how to be present in each moment.

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