This is just canada goose outlet new york city my thoughts

Thoughts on Bungie and the new Masterworks

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0First of all I canada goose uk black friday don mean for this to sound like a “bitch and moan post” but sorry if you see it that way. This is just canada goose outlet new york city my thoughts right now and would like to to discuss them.

What it feels canada goose outlet jackets like right now: Bungie are trying, but they not trying very hard.

All they did was add a system to the game where it Canada Goose Jackets adds canada goose some stat bonuses the weapons, seems uk canada goose outlet cool enough right? However the canada goose coats on sale stat canada cheap canada goose uk goose outlet reviews bonuses are so limited it seems very canada goose outlet online pointless to even try to get one. Wow I canada goose outlet black friday got more stability on my Better Devils. Who really cares? I love Destiny just Bungie canada goose uk outlet keep letting me down more and more, I seriously hope this game improves but it canada goose factory sale sure as hell canada goose outlet uk wont be anytime soon.

They without a doubt canadian goose jacket gone for balance over fun. Remember the perk Firefly? Added an explosive AoE on precision canada goose outlet toronto factory kill which could easily kill the enemy next to it (in PvE), now? Now we have Dragonfly an elemental version of Firefly which causes an AoE which has the radius of like 10cm and does hardly canada goose jacket outlet any damage at all, seems really pointless.

How about this for a Masterworks system: Keep the Masterwork weapon drop rate like it is now, keep the bonuses of tracking kills and generating orbs of light but make it canada Canada Goose Parka goose factory outlet so it also adds a perk to canada goose black friday sale Masterwork weapon (Opening Shot, Explosive rounds etc.). Imagine getting a Better Devils with Outlaw or Opening Shot? How amazing would that be? It would make people want to work for their Masterworks and canada goose outlet make them a canada goose black friday sale hell of a lot more useful than they are now. Some might say it throws out balance, but who cares? We had canada goose outlet uk sale Prometheus Lens which was broken as hell but people LOVED it.

Just my thoughts on things, thanks for reading

(sorry for any grammar mistakes, i really tired)

(Thanks for the heads up on the self orb generation

I never actually paid much attention to that)While more interesting perks would be absolutely welcome, Masterworks are in a “good to great” spot right now.

In PVE, the orb generation is huge. Running heroic strikes with a MW Better Devils feels like a throwback to D1 in terms of super generation. It feels really, really great.

In PVP, canada goose outlet nyc Canada Goose Coats On Sale while influencing the game less than orbs in PVE do, the extra stat can be important. A little bit more range on canada goose uk shop a Shotgun canada goose outlet shop can change the OHK range drastically. Plus, extra bullets in the commonly used AR are not bad at all. Less of a drastic impact on the game than in PVE, but not worthless at all.

Again, perks that change playstyles would be great, but as a new system, Masterworks are already canada goose clearance sale in a great canada goose coats spot.