This is no big thing though, they still have a nice quality

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V2 Cigs have certainly made an impact in the world of electronic cigarettes since their launch 5 years ago.

uk canada goose The brand has quickly become one of the most popular e cigarettes in the USA with a lot of good reviews flying about over there as well as positive reviews in Europe and the UK. I had to see for myself whether V2 Cigs lives upto the hype canada goose shop uk so I decided to buy a kit to see what was going on. Lets have a look. uk canada goose

The presentation box is similar to many other brands with its magnetic flap lid, never the less it was still a canada goose outlet online quality box and the overall branding on all packaging looked professional. canada goose outlet london uk In the box for the Standard Kit you will find

2 X Batteries (One Manual One Automatic)

This is where it starts getting interesting with V2 Cigs, their battery options along with the ability to customise them really give them something different from the other brands I have reviewed. As an example, when you get to the checkout stage you are presented with the choice of either a manual or automatic battery as well as being able to choose a preferred colour.

They also stock 3 different sizes/capacities of battery as well. All sounds complicated but its canada goose outlet store montreal not once you are at the checkout! I canada goose outlet shop myself ordered the V2 Standard Starter Kit and chose one black manual canada goose outlet toronto and one white/ one steel automatic battery. I also received a free disposable as they had a promotion on at the time.

For those that don’t know the difference between manual and automatic batteries, the manual battery has a button on the side that needs pressing to ‘fire up’ the battery, this in turn begins to heat up the e liquid, all you have to do then is take a drag then release the button. Both batteries performed well though so no complaints there. When it comes to size of the batteries, the ones I bought (79mm) are slightly longer than both E Lites and the Green Smoke short battery.

This wasn’t a problem for me though and if you wanted something smaller they do offer a 67mm battery. The appearance of the batteries are quite plain, they have gone for the cleaner look rather than trying to replicate the exact look of a cigarette with faux rings. This is no big thing though, they still have a nice quality feel to them with good branding.

V2 also offer a PCC (portable charging case), this is available in the Standard Plus, Travel and Ultimate starter kits. These are highly recommended as they will charge your electronic cigarette battery on the go without the need for a power source. It is essentially a portable battery. The PCC can also be purchased separately but it is on the expensive side with the cases starting at 33.85 depending on the size you go for. Jacvapour sell a similar PCC for 24.99.

Overall Both battery styles are very responsive with a good quality finish. The only real downside is that the replacement batteries are edging towards the pricey side starting at just short of 14.

Vapour / Flavour

When ordering I decided to go for a broad selection of flavours, the fact they sold cola flavoured cartridges pretty much swung it! I had to see what that was like.

All in all I got one pack of Cherry carts, one pack of V2 Red carts and their mixed flavour sampler pack that included the following: Coffee, canada goose outlet Cola, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peppermint, Menthol, Cherry and the three tobacco flavours: Sahara, Congress and V2 Red. All of these were a medium 12mg strength.

canada goose uk black friday Starting with the tobacco flavours, the only one I wasn’t too keen on here was the Sahara. Congress and V2 were both very good giving me a nice smooth taste, good subtle throat hit and great vapour volume. canada goose uk black friday

As for the ‘flavours’ I surprisingly liked the cola, was all a bit strange but once I got over the fact I was vaping cola it was ok! My two favourites though were the cherry and menthol both great for something that little bit different.

v2 cigs red congressI suppose the menthol should really be classed alongside the tobacco flavours though. As always, flavours are a personal preference but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

canada goose uk shop Another plus point (a very big plus point) is that you can buy ‘blank cartridges’ and bottles of e liquid. This allows you to refill your own cartridges and can work out a lot cheaper than buying pre filled cartridges. If you are canada goose outlet in chicago new to vaping though I would recommend you stick to buying the pr efilled carts to start while you get used to it. canada goose uk shop

uk canada goose outlet Pre filled carts are reasonably priced at 8.97 for a pack of 5 and there are also discounts for buying in larger quantities. As well as the standard blank cartomisers they have also recently released the ‘Liquimax Blanks’ that is a clear tank system that allows you to see the amount of e liquid you have left. I will be trying these out in due course! uk canada goose outlet

canada goose coats on sale Overall As a whole the flavours and vapour volume were very good, stand out flavours for me were Congress, V2 Red, Menthol and Cherry. The option to buy empty cartomisers to use with bottled e liquid is also a big plus point. canada goose coats on sale

Includes one battery 10 carts and chargers. I wouldn’t recommend this one purely because it only comes with one battery. Whatever kit you buy you really need 2 batteries.

V2 Standard Kit 54.97 Recommended kit

This is the kit I bought and reviewed. It has everything you could need to get started! Its basically the same as the economy but you get an extra battery.

canada goose black friday sale Great if you and a friend or partner are looking to try e cigarettes. You will get 2 Standard Kits (they alone cost 50 each) that include everything you need to get going. A great saving of around 20. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose This kit comes with 2 batteries, 15 carts, a notebook e cig, the usual chargers plus a portable charging case. The charging case is a good buy even if you decide to buy separately as this charges your cigs whilst you are on the go. canada goose

This pretty much covers all bases when it comes to vaping, all the accessories you could ever want and need are in this kit.

canada goose coats For vapers that are looking for bigger, better battery life take a look at my review of the new V2 Series 3. A great pen style e cig, or more accurately vaporizer, that offers a multitude of vaping options. canada goose coats

V2 Cigs are very confident in the quality of their electronic cigarette starter kits, so much so that they offer a 14 day ‘No Quibble’ money back guarantee. The canada goose outlet florida e cig kit must be returned in as new condition with no more than two cartomisers used. This is a great selling point that only a handful of brands do in the UK and offers an almost risk canada goose outlet nyc free way of trying their product.