Those who read the sign are also instructed to download an

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case; the Guardian was able to compile a list of faulty Calatrava structures from around the world, from tiles falling loose from Valencia’s Palau de Les Arts to too slippery surfaces on his controversial Grand Canal bridge in Venice. But this incident should do little to damper Calatrava’s reputation, since he is certainly not alone. Even the modernists occasionally failed to consider the weather.

Wholesale Replica Bags The sign was found by Dr Steven Voss, who instantly proved it was nonsense by not being flung into outer space by centrifugal force, which he would be if he were standing on the outer edge of an enormous, spinning disc.Dr Voss said: “I was unaware of any local flat earth group, so this is a bit of a surprise.” Presumably not as much of a surprise as the fact that he remained stuck to the ground as he said it, as a result of a gravitational force that acts equally in all directions because we’re standing on a sphere.The sign points out the horizon, with the words “IT’S SEA LEVEL” to imply the horizon is flat.Those who read the sign are also instructed to download an ebook containing 200 “proofs” that the earth is not a spinning ball. Or sit through some YouTube videos to teach yourself actual science by looking up ‘flat earth’.The sign is said to be aimed at those who are too dim to understand that the very existence of a horizon below which distant things disappear proves that the earth is spherical. And yet can somehow read.This does, however, suggest that if flat earthers ever become too bothersome, we can all escape from them by going to hide on the other side of the horizon, where they’ll never be able to find us.Every non gravitational cloud and all that.Read MoreMore from the Dave Desk of newsinessUKTV DaveallMost ReadMost RecentDave PartnershipOnly 1 in 10 people can do this maths test without cheating are you one of them?12 questions + your brain = meltdown or maths geniusDave PartnershipTraffic warden that looks like sex doll hopes to slow drivers replica handbags down who ‘want to see what she’s wearing’Go Slow Betty is a plastic traffic warden who likes nice clothes and a glass of wineDave PartnershipQUIZ! Who said it: Taylor Swift or Blade Runner’s Rutger Hauer?See if you’re a true Swiftie or really know more about Porters star Rutger Hauer than you ever thought you wouldDave PartnershipCan you spot the real Taskmaster challenges from the fakes?Your task is to work out which one’s realDave PartnershipVersace, Louis Vuitton and Chanel go to the dogs as fake designer gear given to abandoned poochesInstead of destroying the high end knock offs police donated them to dogs homeJason ByrneWatch painful moment girl loses 1000 jackpot on madcap new TV gameshow all thanks to a toasterShe fell agonisingly short of cash prize on Dave’s new show Don’t Say It, Bring It. Wholesale Replica Bags

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