Throwing his earpiece to the ground and clutching at his head

One cubicle worker, driven to the edge, snaps. Throwing his earpiece to the ground and clutching at his head, he immediately draws the attention of the security forces who try to take him down. He escapes by running through the endless rows, smashing through the large glass window at the end of the room.

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In 1958, Earth made first contact. Ruled out as an ICBM due to its suddenly changing course for Iceland, it proved deadly to conventional aircraft and was grounded but not destroyed with the Nuclear Option. A joint NATO and Soviet force moved on the crash site, but took bitter losses and failed to recover anything of worth.

There are many causes, most of which stem from the poor diets of modern lifestyle. We consume meat, fast food, and processed food products which are loaded with pesticides and other chemicals, microorganisms, and antibiotics, which all wreak havoc on our intestines. Processed sugar and salt, white flour and trans fats found in margarine and hydrogenated oils are also causes..

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