Titanfall (1 and 2), Battlefield 1/3/4, Battlefront, any COD

The Greeks, Lebanese, and Syrians all have that accent when speaking English (if they have a strong accent at least). Armenia became the first officially Christian nation in the year 301, similar to how the Draenei have been followers of the Light long before the races of Azeroth.Armenian Romani culture and language, of course, has Indo Aryan influences; thus why the Draenei have the Tunak Tunak dance.To anyone that can distinguish accents too well, Greek accent is kinda a softer Russian one in English I find, so I can see why people might mix them up. I seen other times where any character with a Greek accent in games get mistaken for having a Russian one.So I quite agree that Draenei are more Greek space goats than Russian, and it something I always said, even if a couple of my friends don seem to agree for some reasons..

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