UCF’s freshman quarterback McKenzie Milton threw for 317 yards

“I was trying to change some stuff up and see if maybe I can speed up a little bit. I know the things I have to improve on, and one was getting the ball off quicker. I’ll be all right. Houston hasn’t been able to run it and their defense has been a sieve. Houston was pounded by SMU last Saturday losing 38 16. UCF’s freshman quarterback McKenzie Milton threw for 317 yards and three touchdowns with no picks in the win over UConn.

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There are so many athletic, versatile players throughout the defensive lineup that the Vikings are able to apply a pass rush from all corners of the field, making up for it with sound coverage beneath it. Rodgers, who has one of the keenest senses of pocket awareness in the NFL, said he didn’t see the pressure on any of the three times he fumbled last week. Newton sounded even more baffled..

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