Used range and cover several times for both naval and regular

Yes, Karlsson outscored him a year ago, but again, in terms of building a case between player and team, Zucker has consistently proven himself to be a goal scorer, and not one reliant on the power play. It’s a slippery slope to invest a chunk of term and dollar into a player based on a singular breakout season. But if the Golden Knights elect to extend Karlsson with term (and we’ll visit that in a second), it feels like Zucker’s contract would be at or near the floor of what a Karlssondeal would look like..

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The issue of Snow’s actual age is a point of contention as well. The Grimm’s explicitly refer to her as being seven years old when the story starts, and while there’s no firm indication of how much time has passed, it’s no more than a couple of years. So unless that’s an eight year old Prince Charming who comes along and rescues Snow, we’re backing away from this one before we become the subject of an NBC reality show..

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