We got them around 3 weeks after we should have and it turned

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Canada Goose online Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. that where most of my motivation to work hard came from, honestly. I discovered this when I got a work from home job as tech support for a cable company and after a few weeks I literally had canada goose no supervision whatsoever. I was being paid basically minimum wage and taking back to back calls, but in weeks NOBODY spoke to me other than customers. I went rogue. When I got calls where people were assholes or just too stupid to work with me to fix their problems, I just hung up. Other times I just didn pick up the phone. Toward the end I would log into the phone system so I was clocked in, but I wouldn set my phone to take calls at all so i be canada goose clearance getting paid to be AFK at canada goose coats my computer. Because of the no taking calls thing Canada Goose Outlet I eventually fell on some radar within the next 2 weeks cheap canada goose uk and got canned, but still never spoke to anyone. My boss was an absolute mess and a really nasty person. Just as an example, she was also the swim team coach and there was this one girl on the team who was, admittedly, a little nutty and kind of a drama magnet. The entire rest of the uk canada goose outlet team would openly mock canada goose coats on sale her (not in front of her), INCLUDING the coach/my boss, which I just found super unprofessional. On the day a very close friend of Canada Goose Coats On Sale mine died, I called and told her I couldn come in (for that reason), she got all flustered and angry because it was so last minute and how was she supposed canadian goose jacket to find someone to cover for me in 3 hours?? Btw, I was the one always covering for everyone else when they wanted Canada Goose online to take off. I canada goose factory sale ended up just going anyways, and my roommate came with me and sat with me for my whole shift. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale Anyways at one point during the year, she canada goose uk shop lost all of the paychecks. About a week after we were supposed to cheap Canada Goose get paid, just about everybody started hounding her buy canada goose jacket cheap regularly for our checks and she would get really bitchy about it and tell us to stop nagging her. We got them around 3 weeks after we should have and it turned out they were under some papers on her desk the whole time. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket I absolutely hated working for her and I decided to quit a full pay period before finals so I wouldn have to come back after graduation and hunt her down in order to get paid. But also partially because I wanted to fuck her over for being such an insensitive prick. She told me I can quit before the end of the year, canada goose black friday sale EVERYONE has finals and what would they do if everyone decided to quit? And I her most reliable person and she NEEDS me. We went back and forth a bit with her telling me, repeatedly, that I can just quit. Welllllll tough shit. Manager said he “won accept” my two weeks notice because they invested a lot in me, even though I was up front canada goose store about saying buy canada goose jacket I only work the summer. I don know why they thought they could guilt me into putting a shitty minimum wage job cleaning showers at a truck stop over a campus job that would actually accomodate my class schedule. canadian goose jacket

canada goose I told Canada Goose sale him I not coming in after the date on my two week notice and he was like “Well, you still be on the schedule. It won hurt /me/ if you don come in, but you hurt the people you been working with all summer. Do you really want to leave them stranded without help for those shifts?” I told him he was the one doing that to them, not me. canada goose

canada goose deals my hospital is a union hospital in the sense that all employees, from environmental to nursing, are union. with that being said, it is literally written in the union contract how employees are supposed to break in very straightforward terms. It is quite often that my coworkers will go 12 hours without taking a break to eat or just canada goose clearance sale chill out a little, which is not okay. they can leave without another nurse covering them, otherwise its abandonment. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Employees were consistently not being given their 15s by management because, according to the store manager, the only break they legally had to give us was our lunch if we had worked five hours. That was literally her argument, “this state doesn’t require you to get a paid 15, so stop asking for Canada Goose Online it” buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats This uk canada goose same GM refused to give me the additional day off for my cousins wedding, which I had accidentally forgotten to ask for when I initially requested the time off, and eventually settled on a “compromise” where she would give me the day off if I got a certain number of people to sign up for store credit cards over the next week. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka I made the goal, thanks to some of my better coworkers giving me credit on a couple of their signups, but canadagooseonline.info Canada Goose Parka even if i hadn’t made it what was I going to do? Call canada goose uk black friday in on that first day and say “sorry, I can’t come in today, I’m two states away on the highway” Canada Goose Parka.