We imposed a selection regime by growing each lineage on a

Absorption spectra and J O analysisFig. 2 displays the absorption spectra in Er3+ doped germanate glasses. Ten absorption bands corresponding to the ground state 4I15/2 to other higher levels are labeled in this figure. Gary Oakley is the president of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans and Services Association of Australia, and has worked at the Australian War Memorial from 1991. In 2009 at the time of this interview he was appointed the Memorial’s first Indigenous liaison officer in order to advance the knowledge of indigenous involvement in Australian Military history. In this interview Gary talks about the presence of indigenous soldiers at Gallipoli and WW1 generally, what conscription meant for them and the post war challenges they faced as returned veterans..

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Once I had the projection aligned properly, I traced the letters onto the MDF sheet with a permanent marker. Don’t worry about making the tracing perfect but try to get close; you’ll be sanding your cut line in any case. If your letterforms have perfectly straight strokes (mine didn’t; Eras uses gentle sweeping arcs), feel free to use a straightedge..

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