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The “others” I’ve told about his aspergers are my therapist and my mother I’m not gossiping with girlfriends, just in case that came across that way. We’ve even talked about it canada goose outlet shop and he’s adamant he’s not. But yeah.. I take note of who claims to king and as an investigative, quiet people and especially people who don claim get checked first/pushed first. Smart evils will check quiet people to see if they are prince, as generally prince doesn usually claim to king d1 and d2.BD are stronger when they pool info and on a standard d4 with the BD pool thinned, you want to be filling your log with the claims of those alive and if you havent openly claimed, do so if you arent prince.Sometimes passive kings need to die, even if they are most likely newbie BD kings. Abilities are useful to “confirm” yourself and others.

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