What Happened to the Mouse?: Fah Lo See vanishes in the climax

In Episode 12, Akihisa’s bracelet started to act funny in the beginning of the episode. It malfunctioned later, costing them their victory against Class A. In Season 2 Episode 7, an accident caused a teacher to cancel out an existing field. What Happened to the Mouse?: Fah Lo See vanishes in the climax and is nowhere to be seen. Presumably she got electrocuted with the rest of the masses. Yellowface: Depressingly typical of films in this era; even when the Asians were the bad guys, white people still got the parts. Kusanagi: Subverted. Kagome’s grandfather thinks the sword kept sealed at the Higurashi family shrine is the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the sword of the Japanese Imperial Regalia. He is very wrong. Diagnosis from Dr. Badass: Frank takes a blowtorch to Mickey Duka’s back and describes what he’s doing in great detail, including telling him that it’s not painful yet because the nerve endings are seared and when the flame’s that hot, it actually feels cold. Evil Matriarch: Livia Saint.

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