What is a horoscope and what information they can give us?

Our two protagonists, Sable and Jeric, are wonderfully realized. It’s proper to say that this is really Sable’s story, with Jeric playing an important but ultimately supporting role. Even so, both of these characters are very well drawn. (SOUNDBITE OF PRESS CONFERENCE)WRAY: We do believe that we’ve caught the right guy. But we also know that this is an ongoing investigation. And there’s a lot of work still to be done, which means there are still plenty of unanswered questions.CORNISH: NPR’s Martin Kaste joins us now to talk more about this investigation.

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And I sang ghazals as an amateur. [Post that], I worked quite hard to bring it to the level of professionalism. Feels that singers today have their identities the radio station plays a song, they never say that Arijit Singh or Sonu Nigam has sung the song.