Why Apple removed the “Esc” key short for “escape” on the

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Goyard Replica Even Business Insider’s own Kif Leswing had a similar issue, and also commented how Apple’s solution is ridiculous.Apple’s Butterfly keyboard may allow for thinner laptop designs, but it’s not as reliable as the good old fashioned keyboards from MacBook Pros of yore.Why Apple removed the “Esc” key short for “escape” on the Touchbar MacBook Pro models is a mystery.It’s been replaced with a touch button in the Touchbar of my 2016 MacBook Pro, which is OK. But you sometimes have to tap the Touchbar to wake it so it can reveal the Esc key, which means you now need two button presses when you previously only had to do one.I didn’t think this was a big deal until I returned to a keyboard that had a physical Esc key. I use it so often to leave full screen mode on videos that the Touchbar solution seems like a nuisance.Apple’s new USB C ports for charging lets you charge your MacBook Pro from either the left or right side of my newer laptop, which is actually pretty useful. Goyard Replica

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