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This is my first Instructables post so please forgive me for my mistakes.First of all, I’ve thinking about to build in a valve in to the pipe of our cooking hood, because when it’s turned off, it’s starting to flow the cold air in to the kitchen and it’s really annoying. I’ve tried to buy a valve but I have only found some wall mounted type with inadequate diameter so I decided to build one. I needed about 1 2 hours and the materials costs was about 4$1x plastic cover I decided to use plastic instead of cardboard because the possibility of getting wet1x cloth or something easy thermo isolant material To keep out the cold1x body of a pen or any cylindrical thing to make the movement easyer1x bowden cable or any harder material as an axe for the valves1x round base I used a connector pipe with a smaller diameter than the pipe1x hot glue gunStep 1: Cut the Pen Housing Into Equal http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com Pieces and Cut the Plastic and the Thermo Isolant to the Correct SizeI have used a permanent marker to draw the correct form then I cut it with the scissor.I’ve used some emery paper to make the edges of the pen housing smooth so it won’t lags laterI cut a ring from the termoisolat material to make the contact surface more tightStep 2: Cut the Plastic Cover Into Two Pieces and Glue It Together With the Pen Housing and the ThermoisolantI’ve bent in the middle the plastic to see the centerline after that I’ve cut itI put the bowden cable in the center of the pen housing and arranged them to a small distance and in the middle between the two plastic cover, when it was good, I put some drop from the hot glue and checked if it’s moving smooth.

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