Yan Wong (who helped write The Ancestor Tale with Richard

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cheap yeezys Nikki has the conservative record of fighting wasteful spending and advocating for smaller, more efficient government.\”\n\n\n\nRomney endorsed Haley in the contested gubernatorial primary back in March.\n\n\n\nFormer Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who also endorsed Haley, posted her own note reiterating her support on her Facebook page on Monday, shortly after when blogger Will Folks wrote about it on the website he founded.\n\n\n\nThe timing and tenor of the statements issued by Romney and Palin highlight the sharply different styles of the two potential 2012 Republican primary rivals, which we\u0027ll likely see a lot more of in the coming months as they each explore whether to make a run for the White House. \n\n\n\nPalin\u0027s Facebook note clocked in at six paragraphs and was at turns free flowing, highly personal, and sarcastic, complete with what has become a nearly requisite jab at the \”lamestream media.\” The former Alaska governor wasted little time in buy cheap jordan shoes online issuing her public comments, putting out her statement just hours after the Haley allegations broke on Monday.\n\n\n\nBy contrast, Romney waited more than a full day to issue his statement, which was succinct and characteristically disciplined, lacking in the jordans for sell cheap kinds of fireworks that Palin often seems inclined to set off. \n\n\n\nStill, when Haley released a new this morning, it was Palin who was pictured standing beside the candidate in South Carolina, reaffirming the former Alaska governor\u0027s unique allure to Republican candidates who are running in contested primaries in conservative states.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nScott Conroy is a CBS News digital journalist.\n\n”,”alternativeHeadline”:”Romney Comes cheap jordans nikes wholesale Out Swinging for cheap jordans 8 Nikki Haley”} cheap yeezys.