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For many years, the message to nurses has been “accept it, it’s part of your job.”For me, this is an issue that touches me personally. I was a young nurse when I first got involved in a campaign to stop workplace violence, having experienced it firsthand. That was close to 30 years ago, and we are still struggling to get employers and governments to pay attention and take action..

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Fake Handbags Funniest fish and chip shop names in Greater ManchesterWho knew fish and chips could be so bag replica high quality amusing?This week we asked our Twitter and Facebook followers to tell us their favourite fish and high quality designer replica chip shops in Greater Manchester. You can read the 10 most popular fish and chip replica bags china shop suggestions from our readers here.And with those suggestions came a few funny names too. Have a look through the gallery below at our favourite funny Greater Manchester fish and chip shop names Fake Handbags.