You have to believe that consciousness is an artifact of the

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canada goose clearance sale (NaturalNews) In this article, I’m going to reveal how transhumanism is a dangerous, irrational death cult shrouded in the language of geeky cybernetics. In fact, the entire idea that uk canada goose outlet you can “upload cheap canada goose uk your mind to a computer” is complete junk science quackery, as you’ll soon see. canada goose clearance sale

In canada goose store case you’re new to the term, “transhumanism” means uploading your mind to a Canada Goose Parka machine, discarding your body, then achieving Canada Goose sale immortality by living forever Canada Goose online through machines and robots. Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, has been pushing this cult for many years, and just recently he promised that by 2045, humanity would achieve what he calls the “singularity,” where our minds can be uploaded to computers.

canada goose coats on sale Kurzweil’s cult is so bizarre and dangerous that following it can only lead to a lunatrocity of mass death and deception. Kurzweil’s sci fi cybernetic mind meld theories canada goose clearance are so outlandish that they make canada goose uk shop Scientology’s galactic Canada Goose Jackets narratives sound like Christian Sunday school. canada goose coats on sale

Where to even begin the debunking of it all? Let’s start with its claims.

canada goose How would transhumanism even work?Let’s examine the canada goose uk outlet claims of the transhumanism cult leaders like Kurzweil. They are saying that by 2045, all the following technology will exist: canada goose

Technology 1) A way to “scan” your entire brain and record every neuron and holographic patterning that exists in your brain.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Technology 2) A way to build an equally complex computing system that canada goose black friday sale has equivalent computational capabilities as your brain. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket Technology 3) A way to COPY your brain scan into the computing system. canada goose coats on sale This is called “uploading” your brain to the machine. canadian goose jacket

Once these three technologies exist, we are promised, we can all transfer our minds to computer systems and Canada Goose Online experience “digital immortality!”

But wait a second. Something’s already missing here, do you see it? In this plan there is no mechanism to transfer your consciousness to the machine. So even if all three of these technologies are adequately developed (which is possible, by the way), they still don’t provide a way canadian goose jacket to merge your mind with a machine.

Canada Goose Jackets Nothing more than a computer simulation of your brainAll you’ve really done, even if all three technologies are developed and working by 2045, is made a copy of your brain. This copy may, indeed, be able to run on the machine, but it’s nothing more than a simulation of your brain. It is not you. Canada Goose Jackets

Similarly, if someone takes a photo of you and posts a print of the photo on the wall, they can say they’ve made you “immortal” through photography, but your mind is obviously not living inside the photograph.

Canada Goose sale If you’re a star in a motion picture, you may be “immortalized” by your fans who see you as “living forever” in your famous cheap Canada Goose films, but your consciousness does not live inside the movie. The real “you” Canada Goose Outlet is still inhabiting your human canada goose factory sale body. Canada Goose sale

cheap Canada Goose No matter how complex the depicted simulation, a “scan” of you that is replicated in another medium (a photo, a movie, or a highly advanced computer) is not you. Thus, the promise of transhumanism is a fraudulent one, and “uploading” is the wrong metaphor. You aren’t uploading your consciousness to a machine; you’re simply creating a non conscious computer simulation of your brain. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance And how do we know that’s true? To answer that question, we have to dig deeper. into the definition of YOU. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket What are YOU?I’ll keep this short by beginning with the ending: You are not merely uk canada goose your body. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store “You” are far more than your body. And the way we know this is because the instant you die, your body is still the same it was, but the “you” is no longer present. canada goose store

“You” are actually a non physical consciousness interfaced with a physical brain. “You” are a non physical consciousness sometimes called a soul or spirit. This consciousness experiences the world through your physical sensory organs.

Canada Goose Parka This discussion of consciousness is the part that drives the transhumanists bonkers because to be a member of their cult, you have to believe that there is no such thing as consciousness. or a soul. or free will. You have to believe that consciousness is an artifact of the brain itself a kind of “ghost in the machine,” if you will, that somehow gives rise to the self delusion of awareness. Canada Goose Parka

This means buy canada goose jacket cheap you have to believe free will is an illusion and that if you copy the brain and paste it somewhere else, canada goose clearance sale then Canada Goose Coats On Sale somehow canada goose magically that other thing becomes “you.”

But this makes no sense. There is no mechanism for the transfer of the focal point of consciousness. “upload” your brain) to another machine, but your human body is still alive and breathing, then you haven’t “uploaded” your consciousness anywhere. You have only made a complex facsimile of your neurology.

Transhumanism debunkedSuch is the great gap in the theory of transhumanism: There is no mechanism to transfer your consciousness (your soul) from your body to the machine. How do you “transplant” your soul? The transhumanists have no answer for that. They simply pretend your soul doesn’t exist and therefore need not be considered at all.

canada goose coats There is nothing in their plan to transplant your soul. So what’s actually going to happen to all these transhumanism cult members and here’s the hilarious part in all this is that people like Ray Kurzweil will just DIE, and if they did manage to copy their brain to a machine, that machine will simply run as a simulation, carrying on the computational appearance of Ray Kurzweil, but doing so mindlessly, with no soul or consciousness. canada goose coats

What do you call fifty transhumanists who have uploaded their brains to machines and then killed off their physical bodies? A busy day at the morgue.

canada goose deals Transhumanism is a death cult, much like Heaven’s GateUltimately, transhumanism is a death cult much like the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult led by Marshal Applewhite. Marshal promised his followers that their minds would merge with space aliens who were hiding in a mothership piggybacked on the Hale Bopp comet. Just like Ray Kurzweil, Marshal Applewhite promised immortality and said that disconnecting from your body (via suicide, of course) was the path to enlightenment. canada goose deals

Believe it or not, Applewhite said that he was actually an alien spirit who hijacked a human body, taking it over for buy canada goose jacket his own delusional purposes. (He never explains what he did with the previous soul that once occupied the body.) You can watch a video of him explaining this here:

Canada Goose online Mirroring all this kookiness, Ray Kurzweil promises that you will live forever if you discard your body and canada goose coats merge your brain with machines that have yet to be invented. At some point, just like with Heaven’s Gate, Canada Goose Outlet you will need to “kill” your physical body in order to complete the “upload” to Kurzweil’s cybernetic computers. There’s probably some Kool Aid involved in all this, no doubt. Kurzweil Kool Aid. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale Both Applewhite and Kurzweil are obviously insane. Both are also extremely convincing and charismatic. Kurzweil’s shtick is that he’s very convincing to techno geeks at Google. people who have now put him in charge of Google’s technology. This alone is frightening, realizing that Google has been canada goose uk black friday suckered into the cult of transhumanism a cult based on such bizarre sci fi distortions that it makes Scientology look downright conservative by comparison canada goose black friday sale.